About Us

Kata Kata originates from the Cameroonian dialect of Douala, meaning to be creative in overcoming challenges in the face of difficulty. This is what Kata Kata represents, our culture and character all stem from this mindset, even down to our furniture, people donate and we give second-hand items new life.

A healthy meal doesn’t need to break your bank account, it’s about being efficient and creative with the resources you have, this is KataKata. 

The body is a reflection of your diet and mind state, pardon the cliché but you are what you eat, so pay attention. A vegetarian/vegan diet provides you with a new lease of life with many health benefits perhaps you may not know yet – Such as a lowered risk of cancer, diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol. Studies also suggest that vegetarians have a long-life expectancy.  Our Gallettes & Crepes are all made from buckwheat making them a lovely Gluten Free dish for our health-conscious people. We support any healthy lifestyle and ambition, ultimately health is wealth. Don’t eat what your grandparents didn’t eat.

Orange Abstract

Nikki Griffiths, food blogger - Brixton Blog

“Let’s start out with the happiest looking juice around – the apple, carrot, beetroot and ginger juice. It’s as good as any around and the vibrant colour will make you smile...”

Grid and Leaves

“Kata Kata’s customers range from students to musicians, all vying for tables and vegan buckwheat pancakes with fillings with names such as Veggie Lovers and Caribbean Twist.”

Grace Banks - The New York Times

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“Chilled vibe, friendly service and delicious food. Everyone will love it but its a great option for diners needing gluten free or vegan choices. And try the fresh juices! Mmm!”


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