Cezanne is a Self-taught UK born Artist of African origin, who lives between the seen and unseen worlds.  Her paintings have been described as surreal, ethereal, and moving.  Some of her images came to her in a ‘flash’, while others were inspired by nature.  Cezanne is also an award-winning Poetess, and Author of the Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister’ which features her artwork and poetry.  Her first collection ‘Nature’s Art’ was painted around the time she was learning about the natural laws of sowing and reaping, and the creative power of her thoughts.  Cezanne healed herself from Seasonal Affective Disorder using the bright colours in her paintings, and now teaches the benefits of Colour Therapy on the mind and emotions, you can also order prints of her art from www.journeyofasister.com/art



Art is Freedom. For me it is the ultimate method of showing the world my thoughts through my vision. It allows me to convey my perspective, yet often asks questions of the viewer, sparking debate and challenging them question their initial perspective. This for me is one side of the Challenge for an artist, with the other being that I feel it essential that the image is striking and conveys beauty, which balances the piece.
My work displayed here is a collection I have named 'ROOTS', which depicts African Tribal elders, from across the continent, using the medium of Biro. I love the energy given by ball-point pen sketch art, I find it to be expressive and beautifully conveys the emotion of the subject. I have chosen the subjects, initially because they were so compelling, but also because Black and African people are so seldom depicted in art, and Artists of African heritage are for the most part ignored by the 'Art Establishment'... I aim to help balance that.




Latasha Andreina Martinis is an artist currently studying Textile Design. Has been involved in doing monoprints, textural pieces and personal photography projects that are inspired by God, Culture and Life since 2013. Achieved A Level Photography and has worked as an intern as a stylist and Photographer.

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