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KATA KATA - Never Giveup!

We provide ground-breaking, community-led remedies for the problems harming our service users’ physical, emotional, and financial welfare.

In order to minimize social isolation, reduce homelessness, and enhance physical and mental well-being, Katakata takes a community-centered strategy. It is based on our core values and emphasizes the crucial roles that both the community and individuals play in bringing about genuine, long-lasting transformation in people’s lives.

We are developing into a unified, networked organization that is ingrained in the neighbourhood. We serve as a bridge between a variety of community stakeholders, including residents, Katakata employees and trustees, faith and religious organizations, council members and council staff, community services, and local businesses, in order to harness the combined potential and capabilities of community resources for the greater good.


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We want to keep building a community that everyone can be proud of and where everyone can join and contribute.


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Katakata’s Strategic Approach Towards Society

To provide more comprehensive arrays of efficient community-based services to those who are homeless and socially isolated, enabling them to live independent and happy lives.

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We hope to be able to service you at the best of our abilities, on your special day you and your guests can enjoy a grand event leaving with nothing to do except enjoy yourself